The two sisters went on stage and performed the legendary song, which was well received

Mariah Carey’s “Without you” was the biggest hit of the 1990s. Since then, a lot of others have tried to surpass the original singer and duplicate her success, but very few have been successful. It took a lot of practice to sing the vocally hard piece at least at that level.

Little Anastasia and Victoria Petrik are the only Odessans who have achieved this, which may surprise you. At the time of the performance, Vika, the oldest girl, was sixteen, and her sister was eleven. When they went on stage to sing, no one could have predicted their intensity and depth of penetration, yet their voice captured the audience’s attention from the first note.The eldest was fourteen years old, while the youngest was only six. They were both able to show off their skills with the aid of this difficult song. Since no one had ever tried that song before and they knew it wouldn’t work, the jury was first dubious of them. These sisters looked assured and cohesive as they took the stage.

Flashback to Junior Eurovision 2012: Ukraine's Anastasiya Petryk wins with Nebo

The jury believed that when they saw them, they should make a customary show. But the perception changed and took a new turn when girls with powerful, charming vocals came on stage. They were mutually supportive and fast to grasp each other. even at that age. Still, the fact remained the fact, and yes, the performance was amazing. Their voice resounded down the hall, winning over thousands of hearts. Every note of their song moved people’s hearts and evoked strong emotions and concepts. Their remarkable vocals helped them become the winners and most memorable acts of the day.They were also expressed gratitude for. Television and major publications highlighted it as well as pointing out that the asexual voice data and the real vocalist were being mimicked. Hand in hand, they gave their number without fear, without enthusiasm, and without doubt. That kind of effort really deserved recognition and the title of winner. They alone were able to change the jury’s viewpoint and manner of thinking.

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The two sisters went on stage and performed the legendary song, which was well received
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