Keith Urban Needs Your Prayers

Singer Keith Urban is well-known for his amazing contributions to the music business, particularly in the country music genre. He has had multiple hit songs that reach the top of the charts.

A single song in particular laid the foundation for his eventual string of more number-one singles.

In the music video, a man is shown moving through a chaotic area. From his quarreling neighbors to the lone wealthy man who strolls by their door, he is surrounded by people.

The song’s catchy melody highlights the message of the lyrics, which teach us to value and appreciate life and that God is a perpetual source of gratitude.

We must learn to embrace the life that has been given to us, not the life we wish we had, if we are to be happy, as “But For The Grace of God” demonstrates. We can be as joyful and content as the man in the song if we do that.

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