Neighbors got together and repaired the pensioner’s house

A law in the United States state of New Jersey mandates that all property owners maintain the street’s appearance by painting and fixing their properties appropriately and on time.

Unfortunately, though, some people are unable to comply with these obligations. Some just lack the funds to pay for all of this, while others fail to take old age and poor health into consideration.

Ann Glancy was an old teacher whose age prevented her from keeping her house and yard tidy. The grounds looked like they had been neglected, and the paint had long since faded. The woman also just had enough money to live on on her meager pension. Because of this, she just did not have the opportunity to regularly maintain her property.

Luckily for Ann, though, she had great neighbors. They decided to organize the house and raise the necessary funds on their own. The woman, embarrassed at first, turned down the suggestion. She eventually received a large fine, though, which she was unable to pay. She therefore gave her permission.

After that, the friends of the neighbors joined them, and work began. It was fun working with such a large group, and it went by fast, too.

The helpers worked weekends for the majority of the summer. And before long, it was hard to recognize the house. The windows and porch were fixed, and new boards were used for the paneling.

The employees finally warmed up to Ann and started paying her regular visits.

Such repairs would have cost Ann at least $10,000, but the generous neighbors covered all costs.

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