This woman chose to offer a pretzel and a coffee to a homeless man

Nobody likes to beg and rely on what other people decide to provide them, that much is certain. It seems to me that anyone who finds themselves in this situation has had a difficult life, one that would be hard for any of us to go through.

Most individuals have a negative attitude and do not “scramble” to help a beggar when they see them. Some even like mocking beggars and making them feel unworthy of human dignity.

Casey Fischer is one of those people who chooses to offer assistance when she can. On one occasion, she saw a beggar on the street trying to get money. When the man went to see Casey in the cafe, he was only able to get one dollar out of the customers.

After glancing at him, Casey beckoned him to her table, offering to buy him a coffee and pretzel. She thought to herself, maybe this may make that man’s day happier.

Following a long talk, Casey found out that the man’s mother had passed away from cancer and that he had become homeless due to drug use. He nevertheless stated that he hoped for a better future and that he wanted to change his life. He wants to give his mother the son she has always wanted. After a long period of conversation, the woman was ready to go. She thanked the man for telling her about himself and encouraged him to believe that things can only get better.

However, the beggar, Chris, asked Casey to give him a paper and pen.

He quickly scribbled something down and handed the paper back. Casey learned later that she had missed the chance to see what Chris had written on the paper, but she had said their goodbyes and was off to college.

The note said, “Thank you, lovely soul!”

Casey wrote about this story on her social media accounts. She said that Chris is a wonderful man and that she hoped she would be able to provide him with an opportunity for a better life.

Casey shared this tale on her social media pages. She remarked that Chris is a great man and that she hoped to be able to give him a chance at a better life.
Casey said that while she respects the man’s efforts to get well and resume his normal life, she also noted that it is difficult for him to do so because people rarely give him a second thought.

The fact that Chris wants to go past this stage of his life and improve himself, despite the fact that he is currently a beggar, made the post go viral very quickly.

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This woman chose to offer a pretzel and a coffee to a homeless man
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