Sofia Vergara publicly proclaims her love for new boyfriend – and you might recognize him

Famously wed to Sofia Vergara, actor Joe Manganiello starred in Magic Mike. Following the public disclosure of their breakup, it seemed that Maganiello was dating once more.

Vergara looks to be making a comeback and has drawn interest already! Continue reading to find out who she is dating—you might recognize him!

Sofia Vergara has been in the news lately due to her most recent series, Griselda. She plays a strong Colombian businesswoman who creates one of the most successful cartels in history.

The public split between the actress and her actor spouse Joe Maganiello a few months ago made headlines. It seems the actress is ready to move on after igniting rumors that she is dating someone new.

In October of last year, Vergara was spotted out to dinner with Dr. Justin Saliman, a handsome orthopedic specialist. The actress was seen wearing a black corset, purple suede pants, and black heels when she was spotted out to dinner in Beverly Hills with her companion. She remained silent about the date and declined to comment on whether it was serious.

Her excursion Dr. Justin Saliman studied sports medicine at Stanford University. At this time, he managed the San Francisco 49ers and the Stanford players. He then proceeded to obtain his medical degree at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. The doctor is employed at the esteemed Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. He completed his orthopedic surgery residency at the St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center at Columbia University in New York City.

It seems that he is an innovator in addition to his medical practice. He is recognized with creating the NovoStitch Pro Meniscal Repair System. In 2019, the medical technology company Smith & Nephew paid a staggering $105 million to acquire the technology. He is obviously doing well as well! He claims on his website that he is one of the world’s leading authorities on the treatment of meniscus tears and that he still uses the instrument to repair knee joints.

Less than a month after their first sighting together in October, a source told ET that their romance was “going great” and that Vergara was “taking things slow.”

Vergara seems ready to confess her love for him after five months of public photos of them together. On her Instagram story, the actress talked about the man she was seeing in public.

She revealed to her followers in a single post that she had undergone major knee surgery and that she was in love!

She displayed her picture with Dr. Saliman by her side. Sofia’s leg is wrapped in the picture, and the surgeon is standing next to her in dark blue scrubs with his hand resting on her knee. In the caption on the picture, she stated, “If u ever get a [major] knee surgery, make sure u get a handsome doctor who will sleep with u that night!!!!” I’m grateful, Dr. @jdsaliman.

Since divorcing Maganiello, the actress has kept her love life private. She stunned us with her thoughtful gift. The pair declared themselves single after going through with a formal divorce earlier this month.

Regarding Sofia Vergara’s new relationship, what are your thoughts? Tell us in this section of the comments below. Discuss this with other fans of the actress.

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Sofia Vergara publicly proclaims her love for new boyfriend – and you might recognize him
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