Thankful kangaroo offers a handshake after three men save it from freezing lake

Humans helping animals always brings us joy. Because animals generally don’t express gratitude for compassion, it’s an extremely selfless job.

But occasionally, animals have a sweet way of saying “thank you” to people who save them. One kangaroo, for instance, shook hands with the men who rescued him.

According to Daily Mail Australia, David Boyd, a man from Canberra, claimed to have seen a kangaroo in Lake Burley Griffin. It seemed that the animal could not get out of the icy water.

But two brave bystanders waded into the icy waters to help the roo to safety.

The men go gently so as not to frighten the kangaroo. As they get closer, the kangaroo starts flailing its arms in an attempt to grab it and drag it to safety.

Despite the animal’s fear, the men are able to seize its halter and lead it out of the water.


A third man assists in bringing the terrified and trembling kangaroo onto dry land and soothes it.

Even though they have a pleasant aspect, kangaroos can become aggressive when they feel threatened. Sharp claws, a punch akin to a boxer’s, and a strong kick that may disembowel a man are some of their defense systems.

Thankfully, the kangaroo seemed to understand the men’s intentions to be helpful, and in a heartwarming gesture, he even held out his paw as if to shake hands.

“Aw, he’s thanking you,” the man filming the rescue is heard saying.

According to Daily Mail Australia, the kangaroo needed 30 minutes to settle in and was in “shock.”

Witnesses informed the Courier Mail that the kangaroo eventually made its way home, seemingly unfazed by the ordeal.

Watch the heartwarming video down below:

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Thankful kangaroo offers a handshake after three men save it from freezing lake
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