Farmer finds giant egg but what was inside was even more puzzling

A farmer discovered a large egg beneath a chicken, and he was astounded by what emerged.
Does anyone not love eggs for breakfast? Whether you want them poached, scrambled, or even sunny side up, eggs are the healthiest way to begin the day. They provide us with the energy we require and go well with cheese, bacon, and tomatoes.

Even though it’s uncommon, some eggs may have two yolks. Can you remember ever seeing an egg like that? You may have, but there’s one farmer in Texas who can make much bigger boasts than a two-yolk egg. That is a double egg, too. If you don’t know what we are talking about, take a look at this amazing story.

Despite films showing humans cracking open double-shelled eggs, many people are sure they are not real since they are so rare.

According to Poultry Help, the procedure happens when “an egg that is nearly ready to be laid reverses direction and gets a new layer of albumen covered by a second shell.”

The process that causes the egg to reverse is known as a “counter-peristalsis contraction,” according to Countryside Network.

But there’s this YouTube video where this guy, who calls himself “just an old Texas farmer appreciating nature,” finds a gigantic egg laid by a chicken that’s about average size. Since it was posted in July 2015, the video has received over 3 million views.

The farmer lightly cracks the egg’s shell as he begins to tap it. Then he pulls off a little portion so that the yolk is visible.

Oh, I see another surprise!” he says with a chuckle.

“A double egger!”


The farmer gradually removes the yolk from the shell until the inner egg is the only thing left. “No double yolks, that’s for wimps,” he says. We received two eggs!

The other egg, which was within the larger one, is a normal size. He breaks that one too; it’s simply an ordinary egg, the kind we get at the supermarket.

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Farmer finds giant egg but what was inside was even more puzzling
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