9 Dangerous Glass Stovetop Habits You Should Never Make

Glass stovetops are fashionable and easy to maintain, but they need to be handled carefully to avoid breaking. The following nine dangerous activities should be avoided:

Using Rough or Abrasive Cleaners
“Abrasive or rough cleaners should not be used as they can scratch surfaces.” Use a gentle cleaner designed especially for glass stovetops.

Organizing Large Pots and Pans
Glass stovetops may crack as a result of heavy cookware. “Use lightweight pots and pans” to prevent damage to surfaces.
Glass may get scratches from cookware that slides or sways. It is always best to raise pots and pans rather than sliding them.
Leaks and Traces Left Behind
“Clean spills promptly” to avoid permanent stains and damage.
Cooking with Unclean Cookware
Cookware residue from dirty pots and pans could be dangerous. Ensure that your kitchenware is immaculate.
Setting Down Hot Lids and Facing Up
Glass can shatter and sudden temperature changes can occur from hot lids. Select a heat-resistant surface.
Ignoring Chips or Cracks: If you overlook chips or cracks, they could get bigger and shatter the stovetop. Check for repairs as soon as possible.
Heating Up an Unused Pot or Pan
Cookware that has been left unattended might cause damage to the cooktop. Always keep food or liquids in your pots.
Not following the advice provided by the manufacturer
To avoid damage and safety hazards, adhere to comprehensive maintenance instructions.
Take care of your glass stovetop by avoiding these habits.

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9 Dangerous Glass Stovetop Habits You Should Never Make
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