Rescue takes in severely matted dog who looks like a wig — today she’s unrecognizable

It’s incredible how much of a difference a haircut can make, especially on a dog. Unmanaged fur often gets tangled and matted in stray or abandoned dogs, causing them distress.

Recently, a stray dog was found with so much fur that she “looked like a wig”; however, a rescue gave her an amazing makeover.

A terribly matted dog found in the middle of the road was recently saved by Mac’s Mission, a nonprofit in Missouri that specializes in special needs dog rescue. The dog, now known as Pear, was in terrible shape and had thick, matted fur.

The charity claimed that Pear “didn’t even look like a dog,” instead looking to be “just a wad of hair” or a wig.

Volunteers started helping Pear after the rescue took her in, giving her a “spa session” to get rid of all her fur.

Rochelle Steffen, the person who organized the rescue, stated to Newsweek, “We got her bathed to get rid of any fleas and dirt, and she was cleaned up and shaved down.” She settled into one of our places and fell asleep immediately.

Pear was the kindest and simply sat there as we got all the terrible thick matts of her, which took quite a while. Throughout the entire process, Pear was a really polite and patient dog.

She went on to explain that Pear was lucky not to have been in a car accident and that she was happy that her fur was free of maggots. Pear, on the other hand, seems to have lost an eyeball in an earlier mishap.

Mac’s Mission supplied images of Pear taken both before and after her treatment, highlighting her incredible recovery:

“Pear has a new life ahead of her thanks to you all,” the rescue wrote on Facebook in appreciation of its supporters.

Pear looks so amazing that it’s hard to believe she’s the same dog! We are grateful that Mac’s Mission gave this cute canine a much-needed makeover!

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Rescue takes in severely matted dog who looks like a wig — today she’s unrecognizable
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