Severely matted dog surrendered to shelter, “one of the worst cases” they’ve seen — then dog gets incredible makeover

Many dogs require regular maintenance and brushing to prevent overgrowth and matting of their fur. Certain situations worsen to the point where the canines are rendered completely unrecognizable and in excruciating pain.

However, a makeover can significantly alter a situation. That happened recently when a shelter received a surrendered matted puppy that underwent an amazing makeover.

A dog named Pixie was brought in by Wyandotte Animal Shelter in Michigan on April 3. The shelter posted on Facebook that Pixie had “one of the worst cases of overgrown, matted fur” that they had seen in a long time.

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The owner of Pixie gave her up because she was unable to provide for her on a daily basis, was “embarrassed” that the dog’s health had grown so terrible, and was reluctant to take her to a groomer.

The shelter stated, “He struggled to let her go, but he turned her over to us so we could make sure she went to someone who could give her the life she deserved.”

They immediately went to work after accepting the puppy and scheduled a visit with The Downriver Grooming Co., who supposedly spent hours releasing Pixie from her unpleasant, matted fur.

Pixie was overpowered by the dense, heavy fur. The shelter reported, “This little girl was only 5.5 pounds, but she seemed twice her size due to the matted fur.”

The amazing small puppy beneath the fur was exposed after it was cut off, revealing a remarkable metamorphosis.

After that, Pixie was taken for a check-up. Fortunately, she did not suffer from any of the health problems associated with other serious matting cases, like burned skin from pee that became trapped. Her foster family expressed concerns, so she was treated for a urinary tract infection and had blood tests and x-rays done.

Pixie had even more amazing news following her amazing transformation: she was adopted! A shelter representative told The Dodo, “Her new family reports that she is doing very well in her new home.”

How wonderful! We’re so happy Pixie has a loving permanent home and is no longer burdened with all that matted fur! Many thanks to all who helped save her!

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Severely matted dog surrendered to shelter, “one of the worst cases” they’ve seen — then dog gets incredible makeover
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