This woman came across an old, filthy luggage in a bush

While traveling to work, a nurse from Essex, England, discovered an abandoned suitcase on the sidewalk. Her gut encouraged her to approach and take a closer look. The woman was genuinely startled when she opened it!

A bag containing fifteen kittens, no older than three or five weeks, was discovered in a bush.

The suitcase is punctured on several places to allow air to enter and allow the miserable kittens to breathe. It appears that whoever abandoned them may have thought they should survive. Furthermore, the “luggage” was purposefully dumped next to a well-known wildlife sanctuary.

The nurse called a woman named Alison Gamble and asked for help. Gamble was happy with the babies’ condition after checking them and remarking that “it’s clear that the kittens have been away from their mother.”

The kittens must be fed to a person in order to prevent nutritional issues because they have not yet been weaned.

Thankfully, the facility’s caregivers are prepared to look for the 15 individuals until they find a home. The kittens are currently too immature and fragile to be released into the wild.

“Even though the others appear healthy at first, we want to keep a careful eye on them to make sure they’re all right. Six of them show signs of an eye infection.

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This woman came across an old, filthy luggage in a bush
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