Look closer, the photographer was not expecting this photo

Most couples believe their wedding day to be the most joyous occasion of their lives.

A wedding is, after all, a celebration of two people’s undying love and lifelong devotion to one another. This is the first of many chapters to come, brimming with shared experiences, opportunities for learning, and support from one another.

Emma Bauso

The joyous occasion provides an opportunity for the family to come together as a unit. From the vows to the first dance, weddings are full of memorable moments that create poignant, enduring memories that the couple and their loved ones will cherish for years to come.

When organizing their big day, couples pay close attention to every minute detail because they want their wedding to be picture-perfect. Every aspect of a wedding, from the theme and décor to the venue selection, represents the unique love story of the couple.

Leish, T.

However, some couples take unusual measures in an attempt to provide their guests with a unique experience. When people look back on their wedding photos years later, we’ll never know if they regret it, but we do know that some weddings are so bad that we question the sanity of the bride and groom, while some are so much fun that they make us smile.

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