A woman hid several boxes in her attic from her husband for 40 years

A woman stored several boxes in the attic, concealed from her husband for forty years.

Eventually, the wife gave in to the man’s pressure and let him open the boxes one day; however, she was terrified to see what was inside and began to scream.
American Kris Bresnan kept a secret from her husband for forty years. Her husband was finally going to find out what was in all the boxes that had been stored in the attic for so long.

When they fell in love in 1975—which is really when the story of the boxes began—the two decided to take a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan New York City.

She told Kris’s husband Bill that she loved him and that it was the best thing that had ever happened to him when he offered her a napkin during the holidays. He wrote the infinite sign at the end. They were having fun and laughing that day.

Bill has made it a daily ritual to surprise his wife with a letter, a love note, or postcards expressing his feelings for Kris, the most important person in his life. For forty years, he astonished his wife every day.

Kris kept all of the notes and letters that Bill had given him for forty years, not realizing that he had hidden them in the attic in no fewer than twenty-five big boxes.


Kris revealed to her husband the true reason she had stopped him from going up to the attic to check inboxes at their 40th wedding anniversary celebration.


When he was instructed to look into the crates, he was speechless. That his wife would hide all those letters there and keep them for so long was beyond his comprehension.

Experiencing difficulty in articulating his appreciation for this remarkable event, the man sobbed and embraced his spouse. throughout the holiday, in a quiet place, the two read aloud to each other the things that Bill had spoken to Kris throughout the years. They relived treasured events and celebrated their 40th anniversary in style in the interim.

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A woman hid several boxes in her attic from her husband for 40 years
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