Dog Finally Found A Forever Home After 11 Years Roaming On The Street

My heart rejoices because the deaf dog was spared.

Dogs typically live for ten or thirteen years, but Solo, a pit bull, has been homeless on the streets of Los Angeles for nine years!

Old, deaf, malnourished, and too exhausted and feeble to walk, Solo collapsed on a woman’s doorway. Upon noticing him, the woman dubbed him Solovino, which means “Spanish for he came alone.”

She contacted Rocket Dog Rescue for assistance and sent him to San Francisco with a foster family. But since they believed Solo was deaf and an old burden, the foster parents may have adopted him in the past and then repeatedly banned him from their home.

One day Carol Messina came across a picture of Solo online and knew she had to save him. She understands how unhappy and depressed Solo has been, which is why she wants to be with this miserable puppy.

Due to his hearing issue, Solo was deaf and felt uneasy whenever someone touched him because he couldn’t hear them coming. Messina saw this right away. Solo is also in discomfort due to a tooth problem.

Thankfully, Messina assisted him with dental surgery. The best part was that when she showed her love for the dog as well, Solo gradually began to trust her. He looked younger and was happy again!

Love affects people emotionally deeply. Thank you, Messina, for assuring Solo that he is deserving of love.


So grateful you are in a loving, secure home, baby! Enjoy your new existence!

God bless you and thank you for providing this kid a loving forever home!

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