Animal hero frees chained horse then receives thank you of a lifetime

Restrictions are not pleasant. Given that animals have an innate need to roam freely and uninhibited, this may be particularly true for them.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the situation for many horses in Romania due to a prevalent practice. Horses’ front or rear legs may occasionally be shackled to keep them from running away.

When Ovidiu Rosu, a veterinarian, saw one of these horses, he understood exactly what needed to be done.

Ovidiu encountered the chained wild horse in the Danube delta and his heart immediately broke. The horse was unable to roam around freely, his legs bound by thick chains that were even cutting into his skin.

No matter what he tried to do, the horse could barely even move.

Ovidiu was well aware that the freedom to run and wander is all that horses desire. Thus, he acted right away.

Ovidiu picked up his tools and set to work right away. After luring it ahead, he finally gets the animal to settle on the ground.

Then he reaches for his pliers and begins working gently.

It takes some time, a lot of love, endurance, and work, but Ovidiu eventually succeeds in releasing the helpless horse.

The horse requires some time to process the events that have occurred. After being immobilized for such a long time, he almost looks perplexed by his newfound mobility.

When he finally does come to terms with his freedom, he is ecstatic and celebrates his newfound independence.

The horse responds to his hero in the most astonishing way of all; he leans in gently and gives Ovidiu a direct look of thanks that can only be defined as sincere.

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Animal hero frees chained horse then receives thank you of a lifetime
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