This image of a woman at an airport is gaining viral attention. Take a closer look, and you’ll understand why.

The picture of the woman above buying a ticket at an airline desk went viral for a very sweet reason.

The article was posted on Facebook by Love What Matters.
When a parent was checking in for a flight with his 2-year-old daughter, he found out that her ticket would not be free, according to the picture’s description.

“A gentleman was checking in for his flight when the agent inquired about the age of his daughter,” the article states. He mentioned that she had recently turned two. At that point, the agent asked whether she had a ticket. The man was dumbfounded, thinking she could ride for free. (She turned 1 in January, although she was [1 years old] when he purchased the ticket.)
The father was inconsolable since he couldn’t afford to buy his young daughter’s second ticket, which would have been very costly.
He stepped over and tried a few different numbers. According to the post, he hugged his daughter and clutched his head, clearly inconsolable.

Suddenly, a stranger walks up to the distraught father. After a brief conversation with him, she went to the ticket office and said, “I want to buy her ticket,” indicating to the young girl.
The agent asked her whether she realized that a last-minute ticket would set her back $749. Unfazed, the woman used her credit card to make the complete payment.
The article continued, “As the agent continued to comment on how much she had goosebumps, the man gave her a hug and asked for her name to repay her.” The woman insisted that I should not be concerned. She would do whatever it took to help that man and his daughter.

The post requests that readers share the story so that more people than only those who are experiencing similar circumstances might learn about the woman’s kind deed.
“Please share this story because people like this need to be recognized,” the author begs the readers.
The post has received over 165 thousand likes and has been shared by over 32,000 users. Many people commented on how inspiring the woman is and how much the tale touched them.
One person said that she knew the woman in the picture.

I won’t reveal this woman’s identity. But she’s someone I know,” she writes. “I am aware that her family’s children and grandchildren come together often to talk about how they may use their blessings and wealth to help and support others. Every time I see her, she inspires me and gives without hesitation. She gives without being asked and is so full of love for everyone.

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This image of a woman at an airport is gaining viral attention. Take a closer look, and you’ll understand why.
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