They blocked off the road after realizing what this elephant was carrying with its trunk

Nestled deep in the animal kingdom, amidst lush woods and vast savannas, is a singular species known as the elephant.

These gentle giants have long captivated the attention of scientists and environmentalists. We now know that elephants have a wide emotional range and a grief process that is strikingly similar to our own after years of careful research and close observation.

George Wittemyer is a dedicated Colorado State University conservation biologist who has devoted much of his career to studying elephants. He once shared some of his observations with National Geographic, shedding light on the intricate and enigmatic processes by which these magnificent animals cope with the loss of a herd member.

Wittemyer said, “Elephants have respect for their dead, but we don’t fully understand how they interact with them.” This enigmatic aspect of their behavior has piqued the interest of researchers since it demonstrates how these creatures respond from deep-seated emotions when they lose one of their own.

This intriguing finding was recently made public by Twitter user Parveen Kaswan, who also shared a video that highlighted the depth of elephants’ emotional intelligence and their unique grieving process. The movie depicts a scene on a calm road where everyone has stopped driving and is gazing at a breathtaking sight.


A magnificent herd of elephants is crossing the street with a grace that is appropriate for their size and harmony. One elephant in particular sticks out in the parade, softly holding something in its trunk. Viewers, intrigued, quickly discover that the elephant is bearing a young, dead elephant calf, which is inert.

The herd stops quite solemnly, and the elephant carrying the small load carefully lays the dead calf on the ground. The others assemble around, creating a circle of respect. This scenario is quite moving; it conveys a sense of shared sadness and mourning.

As Parveen Kaswan so beautifully stated, the video’s title is “The family just don’t want to leave the baby.” Their actions are akin to the somber cortege of a departed individual.

The elephants’ emotional depth and their innate respect for the dead, together with their comprehension of the immense sadness they have endured, never cease to shock and amaze researchers and onlookers alike.

As they go on their trek, a second elephant comes up and tenderly cradles the dead calf in its trunk. Elephant herds are emotionally connected to one another, and this display of deep grieving and solidarity emphasises how capable elephants are of feeling loss and sadness.

This will move you !! Funeral procession of the weeping elephants carrying dead body of the child elephant. The family just don’t want to leave the baby.

The clip is a poignant reminder of the incredibly sensitive lives elephants endure and provides evidence of the close relationships that exist between animals. It’s a story that makes connections across our worlds and is a poignant reminder of the complexity and beauty of nature. To help people be impacted by the poignant moments in the movie, kindly tell your loved ones about this post on Facebook.

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They blocked off the road after realizing what this elephant was carrying with its trunk
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