I Disallowed My Daughter From Wearing Her Late Mother’s Wedding Gown, and There’s A Very Good Reason

Adam’s wife unexpectedly died, and he is still in grief.

Adam said, “My late wife, Emily, was my school sweetheart,” as he opened his letter. Before we were married, we had been together for a very long time. The happiest moment of my life has always been and always will be our wedding day. I remember crying when I saw Emily for the first time in her wedding gown because it was so stunning.

“Emily passed away last year,” disclosed Adam. Her death was unexpected; she simply collapsed to the ground in the street and passed away right away. All the ambulance could do was certify her demise. Her death felt, to me, like the end of the world. I’m still in the early stages of my grieving, and I still don’t quite understand that Emily is no longer with us.

“Three daughters are in our family. The oldest, Gerry, recently became engaged,” the man said. Her upcoming marriage should be a happy moment for our family, but in our case, it has only sparked a never-ending argument between me and her.

Adam’s daughter wants to attend her own wedding wearing her mother’s gown.

Adam’s story continues, “Recently, Gerry approached me and told me that she wants to wear Emily’s wedding dress to her wedding.” I told her straight immediately that that wouldn’t be a wise decision. Beyond the fact that I don’t want anyone to ever touch my late wife’s clothing, not even my own daughter, there is another reason I am so protective of it.

Adam revealed, “My late wife’s wedding gown has a special story behind it. Emily had done all the handwork on it herself. She had spent the last two months working on it, and she would not take help from anyone, not even her beloved grandmother.

The deceased wife insisted on making her own wedding gown, and the man explained why. He wrote, “Emily became pregnant while we were just dating.” We were all thrilled to hear this news since, even though we were still young and had our whole lives ahead of us, none of us considered having children to be a barrier. We were having the time of our lives, living it up.
When we informed our parents the news, they were quite happy for us.

The wedding dress had special meaning for Adam and his deceased wife.
Adam continues, “Emily asked the nurses to carve our daughter’s footprint into a piece of clay for us as a way to honor her memory. This piece of clay in the shape of a footprint was later sewn inside Emily’s wedding gown after being compressed into a little sack. At the time, Emily insisted that this was important to her and the proper way to remember our little daughter.

Adam revealed, “None of our girlfriends knew about this because we had kept it a secret from them. When we spoke with Gerry again over the dress, I advised her not to touch it, much less wear it to her wedding.

Adam suggested that his daughter change her attire. The man added, “I told her no again, but then I said no problem, and she could wear some of her late mom’s jewelry.” She continued to wear the dress despite my advice, though, and even started accusing me of ruining her wedding.

The man said, “I tried to approach her a million times, offering her various options, instead of that crazy idea about wearing Emily’s dress.” I offered to cover the cost of her wedding, promised to buy her a pricey designer dress, and even expressed a desire to give her some fine jewelry as a present on her special day. She doesn’t even bring up these options with me, though, and she’s currently making a lot of effort to intensify our disagreement as well as the one between me and the rest of our family.

Adam’s decision has drawn criticism from a wide range of sources, including his family.

“Now, all of my daughters are against me, out of their solidarity with their sister,” continues Adam in his letter. Even my parents are criticizing me, saying that my own daughter and I have nothing to argue about and that the dress is only a piece of fabric. They claim it will be an homage to her memory and that I must cease forbidding my daughter from wearing her mother’s garment.”

However, Adam has a strong stance. “Emily would never allow anyone to touch her wedding dress,” the man clarifies. I don’t think I should even try to explain to Gerry why I keep telling her not to wear it. My kid needs to accept my decision as it is, and I don’t think she should be aware of this upsetting recollection. I’m supposed to make a decision that I can’t make, and if I push for it, I’ll lose my daughter’s trust. I’m completely lost now. How should I proceed?”

Here’s another dramatic tale of a woman who was severely embarrassed during her own wedding by her own spouse. However, the woman took immediate and severe vengeance and didn’t leave things as they were.

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I Disallowed My Daughter From Wearing Her Late Mother’s Wedding Gown, and There’s A Very Good Reason
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