He Recently Spent $6.5k On A Young Registered Black Angus Bull

Laughing has numerous health benefits, including reducing stress, elevating mood, strengthening immune, and enhancing pain threshold.

Unfortunately, it gets difficult to find reasons to laugh as life’s responsibilities and obstacles mount.

For the sake of a good daily laugh, here’s a joke that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts!

Now let’s get going:

A young Black Angus bull that is registered for $6,500 is what I recently purchased.

He would only munch grass when I let him out with the herd; he wouldn’t even look at a cow. It was starting to look like the bull had cost me more than I had.

In any case, I asked the vet to examine him. He said the bull, though a little young, was in excellent health and offered me some pills to feed him once a day.

In two days, the bull took care of all my cows! He even managed to scale the fence and mate with every cow owned by my neighbor! He looks like a machine!

I’m not sure what was in the tablets the vet gave him, but they tasted somewhat of like peppermint!

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He Recently Spent $6.5k On A Young Registered Black Angus Bull
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