Why You Should Stop Ordering Lemon Water At Restaurant

One of the first things your waiter usually asks you when you enter a restaurant is whether you would like your water still, sparkling, or with lemon. Even though lemon water is frequently praised for its numerous health advantages, ordering it at restaurants might not be the best choice. Why? New information reveals what could be hiding in your drink with those innocent-looking lemon slices.

Microbial Menace: The Startling Truth About Lemon Water at Restaurants
Research has shown an unpleasant reality regarding lemon water offered in dining establishments. Lemon wedges were not immune to microbiological contamination, according to an enlightening ABC News investigation that examined the ten restaurant locations with the highest concentration of bacteria. Remarkably, it was discovered that traces of human feces had contaminated half of the lemons that were tested. This unsettling finding raises the question, “How does contamination of this kind occur?”

The Dangerous Route of Pathogens: Revealing the Origin of Pollution
The investigation by ABC News revealed that restaurant employees frequently handle lemons with their bare hands without using gloves or tongs. When people fail to properly wash their hands after using the restroom, there is a frightening possibility that bacteria will transfer from the hand to the lemon.

Taking a Closer Look: Microbe Prevalence in Restaurant Lemons
Additional investigation examined 76 lemons from 21 different eateries; the results were published in the Journal of Environmental Health. Remarkably, it was discovered that almost 70% of the lemons that were analyzed were rife with different bacterium strains and germs, including the infamous E. coli, which is well-known for its capacity to cause serious infections and health issues.

Doable Steps: Preserving Your Health in Restaurant Environments
Now that you are aware that restaurants can operate as havens for invisible bacteria, it is crucial that you take preventative measures to stay safe. Washing your hands well before enjoying a meal is a little but effective precaution. Furthermore, it can be wise to rethink that alluring order of lemon water in order to protect your health and wellbeing. Recall that the safest option when it comes to citrus-infused drinks is probably a glass of pure water at home.

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