Man Hit Back at People Who Mocked Him for Being with 252lb Woman

How someone looks like and what they eat shouldn’t be anybody’s business. However, many times, people believe they have the right to judge others only because they consider themselves smarter and better looking. This type of behavior is inappropriate and rude, and affects person’s privacy.

Brittany Jacques is a young woman with curves, and she loves the way she looks. Sadly, not everybody feels the same about her appearance thus she’s a victim of fat-shaming.

In the past, she dated boyfriends who eventually dumped her because of her weight, which made her wonder whether she would ever find true love with someone who would love her the way she is.

Brittany even considered losing weight, but that wouldn’t make her love herself more. “I realized that if I did that, I wouldn’t love myself anymore. I would be changing myself for someone else’s perception of beauty,” she explained.

Back in 2020, Brittany met someone special, a man named Matt. “When I met Britt, she was so confident in her own body, I loved that about her. She doesn’t want to change anything, and I would never ask her to.” he says of her.

However, although their love flourished and they even tied the knot and welcomed a baby together, they couldn’t easily get rid of all the mean comments they have been constantly getting from complete strangers.

“I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to find someone who really loved me for who I am but after meeting Matt I couldn’t be happier,” Brittany said.

“I do notice people staring when we walk down the street but most of the comments we have had, have been online,” Matt explained. “People comment on Instagram and suggest that I’m not big enough or man enough for her,” he added.

Sadly, fat-shaming is a form of bullying which has negative effect on those who receive hurtful comments.

The victims of bullying are affected to the extent that it leaves mark in their life years after the attacks take place. It undermines their self-confidence and they may starts seeing themselves as less worth than the rest of the peers.

Some of the consequences of bullying that the person affected experiences are the following: social isolation, sleeping problems, depression, anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms such as headaches and stomachaches, and in a worst case scenario, even suicide.

As published in a 2021 CNN article, fat-shaming is a global concern affecting a huge number of people.

Luckily, people are becoming more and more aware of its negative impacts. There are now many organizations that spread awareness of the importance of acceptance and loving yourself the way you are. One such organization is the Fat Acceptance Movement, so impactful that it has begun addressing these issues in work and healthcare settings.

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