No one shows up for 6-year-old’s birthday party – then mom shares picture and the community steps up

About two weeks prior to the big day, Teddy’s mother reserved a table at Peter Piper Pizza and handed 32 invitations to Teddy’s teacher, asking her to give one to each student in the class. More over half of the parents of the children stated they would bring the kids to the celebration.

Teddy’s mother Sia ordered a large pizza and made gift bags for her son’s buddies for his birthday. Even though everyone was expecting to have a blast, not one of the classmates came up. After over an hour of waiting, the friends had vanished from sight.

Sia was devastated after this. She was inconsolable for her son, who was having a really difficult day on what should have been an enjoyable one.

“I was disappointed, I was disappointed for sure,” Teddy’s father stated to the New York Post. Teddy found it sad that they hadn’t arrived one hour into the celebration because, to him, that was the most important thing. The parents sought to divert their son’s attention with pastimes like arcade games in an effort to lift his spirits.

In an effort to raise awareness that something like this should never happen to anyone, Sia chose to snap a picture of Teddy and post it online. She didn’t anticipate, though, that Teddy’s dejected picture would become so popular and garner so much attention. When she saw how much publicity it garnered, she even regretted posting it.

Inside Edition is the source.

Teddy received birthday wishes from hundreds of people, many of whom also sent gifts. The Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Rising MLS team welcomed the family to their forthcoming games as part of their efforts to brighten Teddy’s day a little bit.

Only one parent apologized to Sia on behalf of all the other parents who didn’t bring their kids to the celebration.

Inside Edition is the source.

Even if this narrative left us feeling let down, it should serve as a reminder to exercise greater consideration and thoughtfulness.

Watch the video below to learn more about the narrative.

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No one shows up for 6-year-old’s birthday party – then mom shares picture and the community steps up
‘Why isn’t anyone congratulating me? Sadly, my daughter’s arrival wasn’t celebrated…’