The Instagram celebrity was 700 pounds. A few years ago, American Amber Rusty, and now.

Amber Rusty scarcely knows herself from her previous life.

These photos capture the girl’s appearance from a few years ago. Amber was so overweight that it was impossible to discern the folds of cellulite and fat enveloping her feet.

The girl was unable to walk on her own. An attractive young man called Rudy helped her with all of this. The only other person in Amber’s immediate area who genuinely understood Amber for who she is is him.

Rudy supported Amber no matter what and never made fun of her weight.

But as soon as the girl started to show any improvement, Rudy departed. Amber Rusty now has this appearance.

She no longer weighs seven hundred pounds, keeps a healthy weight, goes on a diet, and looks great.

This led to the breakdown of the relationship. Rudi was worried that other males, drawn more and more to a stunning woman with an amazing body, would compete with him.

Having survived the breakup with pride, Amber realized she really didn’t need such a person beside her.

The girl was offended by Rudy’s preference for a totally dependent and defenseless “overweight ruin” to stand by him during their friendship rather than a true romantic relationship.

Attending the expo allowed for the possibility of all these modifications. My weight is seven hundred pounds. Experts supported Amber in reducing the size of her tummy and helped her create a diet plan.

The girl will never regain her previous weight.

Amber takes great pride in her identity. She overcame her most trying circumstances to become the person she is today.

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The Instagram celebrity was 700 pounds. A few years ago, American Amber Rusty, and now.
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