Police officers show up to prom of their fallen colleague’s daughter with only one mission: Watch the video below to find out why…

There is more to being a police officer than merely catching criminals. Many people support those who are in greatest need in ways that demonstrate the size of their hearts by going above and beyond what is expected of them. In the following story, a group of police officers goes above and beyond to be there for a young person and to pay tribute to a killed officer.

Officer Charlie Kondek was well respected by his colleagues in the Tarpon Springs Police Department in Florida. But as they were responding to what should have been a standard noise complaint in 2014, they ended up dealing with something rather unusual instead. As soon as Kondek arrived to the site, he tragically lost his life.

Everyone in the neighborhood was shaken up by Officer Kondek’s passing. In addition, since it was a smaller police department, it had an impact on the personal life of each officer who worked there. However, the most significant effect was felt by his family, and particularly by his stunning daughter Aleena.

Officer Kondek, just like most police officers, was very dedicated to both his career and his family. The other officers had no choice but to stay strong under the trying circumstances. However, his wife Teresa and his daughter Aleena were forced to find out how to carry on with their lives without the support of the man they loved.

The Kondek family was aware that they would need to overcome a variety of obstacles, but one in particular stood out. You see, Aleena had her prom coming up very soon. That’s when her mother came up with a beautiful and creative plan that needed her to speak with a department official.

After discussing Teresa’s concept with Major Jeff Young, he presented it to the other officers in the unit. They were united in their decision that they wanted to be a part of the plan. This mother had made arrangements for her daughter to be accompanied to the prom by not just one but many gentlemen.

Aleena was looking forward to the prom but was also feeling sad since she missed her father. She had no clue what was going to take place. She arrived at school by bus. But when she got there, Officer Kondek’s daughter found a big surprise waiting for her: a number of her father’s coworkers had gathered there to serve as her bodyguards.

Simply hearing it made everybody’s eyes well up with tears. But this team of police officers had one more shock in store for Aleena. Along with a number of unique photographs and Kondek’s badge, they displayed a homemade sign that stated, “Charlie… we have your back.”

Aleena was ecstatic to see what her father’s friends had done for her. They all hugged this lovely young woman before entering the dance. She said that having the officers act as her bodyguards gave her the impression that her father was there and looking over her.

“They say ‘never forgotten,’ and I believe that fully. They’re constantly contacting me, asking how I’m doing, and they help me with things that my father did, which is incredible. I love every single one of them,” Aleena added.

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Police officers show up to prom of their fallen colleague’s daughter with only one mission: Watch the video below to find out why…
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