Good Samaritans rescue tired puppies and their sick mama dog.

Abrigo Animais Aumigos’ team of rescuers recently came across a mother dog and her three puppies. The four members of the family appeared worn out as they lay on the open ground. The mother dog was sobbing because she couldn’t feed her puppies.

The mother dog, Paola, was starving to death and her pups had no milk to nurse them. The family appeared to be in dire circumstances as they lay unmoving on the ground. It seemed to the rescuers that the family had gone without sustenance for a long while.

The mother dog’s only option was to shut her eyes and endure the agony. However, the puppies also appeared to be in excruciating discomfort. The family was extremely frail and undernourished. The puppies endured hardship and poverty as well.

As soon as possible, the rescuers transported the family to the veterinarian and gave the mother dog a bowl of food. Regretfully, the veterinarian found that they were malnourished and had tick infestations all over their bodies. Furthermore, the first two puppies were superior to the third. The two healthier puppies were therefore kept apart.

The dog family received nourishing food and attention at the rescue facility to aid in their recovery. Nevertheless, due to her extremely constricted stomach, they were unable to feed the mother dog much.


They watched out for the mother dog’s delayed eating. In the hopes that the mother dog and her puppies would soon regain their health, they provided her an abundance of protein. Paola’s health started to improve after the third day. She was able to care for her puppies and feed herself. The health of the dog family significantly improved by the ninth day, and all four of them gained weight.

Paola became warmer with her rescuers and stopped doubting them. She was able to move about on her own now. Paola had fully recovered after nearly two months. Following consistent care and feeding at the rescue center, her health condition improved. After finding loving homes for her three puppies, Paola enjoyed a contented life.

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Good Samaritans rescue tired puppies and their sick mama dog.
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