Jennifer Love Hewitt Witty Responded to Haters Who Called Her “Unrecognizable” in New Pics

Following the release of fresh footage, Jennifer Love Hewitt received a barrage of criticism on social media, many of which implied that she had undergone plastic surgery. When the 44-year-old actress responded unexpectedly to these online haters, we were even more astonished.

a completely new look.

Everything began when @nikkilee901, the hairstylist for the Ghost Whisperer actress, posted an Instagram video of a noteworthy hair transformation. In the movie, the gorgeous actress could be seen cutting her long, lightened hair into a stylish bob with curtain bangs. She also decided to go with a deep mahogany brown hair color.

The hairstylist added a red hot pepper emoji and noted in the post’s text that it was time to heat things up.

Fans of the actress showered her with compliments on her new look. For instance, one person wrote, “I’ve been in love since I was a teenager,” and another, “LOVE YOU JENNIFER, GORGEOUS AS ALWAYS.”

However, some argued that the famous person had just had aesthetic surgery, and some speculated that a brow lift was likely the result. Some even went so far as to call her “unrecognizable.”

a witty response.

In response to these comments, Love Hewitt shared a humorous and playful post on her Instagram stories on Sunday. She addressed the critics right away, stating, “I look the same as always,” after “so many people said I look different.” not a look that is more organic. I awoke like this. Filters don’t actually make you different.

Love Hewitt responded to these remarks on Sunday with a witty and lighthearted post that she posted on her Instagram stories. She said, “So many people said I look different,” and then, “I look the same as always,” immediately addressing the commentators. Not a more natural appearance. This is how I woke up. You don’t really change because of filters.

We applaud the star for sharing an honest and open account of her life, and we wholeheartedly endorse her compassionate message of love. As Love Hewitt celebrated her 44th birthday this year and opened out about her “insecurity about aging,” we felt even more connected to her.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Witty Responded to Haters Who Called Her “Unrecognizable” in New Pics
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