She Lived On The Street, But She Didn’t Ask For Money

Despite being homeless, she did not ask for money. She was requesting that everyone read the note she was holding in her palm. Someone read the note after 16 years had passed. Then everything was altered. This is what it says in writing.

An 80-year-old woman has a heartwarming tale to share with the world, but not before a joyful conclusion.

Wanda Ritter hasn’t slept in her own bed at home in sixteen years. She insisted that “the government owed her $100,000 dollars” every day, even though everyone thought she was insane. She carried a luggage stuffed with unpaid checks and documents, but nobody seemed to notice. Everyone believed she was simply another insane person.

Wanda had four children and worked as a locksmith. She was claiming, street by street in Washington, that the Social Security System owed her a huge sum of money.

They said, “I was crazy to get rid of the luggage.” “I told myself that people would think I was crazy if I did something stupid.” She went into more detail.

However, all changed when 56-year-old social worker Julie Turner learned about her situation and expressed interest in taking on her case. She shook her head in shock after looking over the documents.

“She didn’t need mental health assistance; she needed financial assistance.” Turner made note of the $100,000 she owes the government.

But how did the woman understand the problem?
Wanda began receiving cheques ranging from $300 to $900 every month. Ritter called Social Security Services to inquire about the divergence after the woman returned the checks because she felt there was a problem with them and didn’t want to pay them.

“Who would have believed me if I had gathered them and said there had been an error?” Ritter informed the local reporters that she thought the issue could be resolved once she had it under control.

Ritter obtained a $500 flat with the help of Julie Turner, the godsend employee.

Ritter received her first Social Security check for $1,644 a week after the story went viral.

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She Lived On The Street, But She Didn’t Ask For Money
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