House looks beautiful – but people refuse to buy it because of what they see inside

They claim there can be no disagreements in matters of taste, and we couldn’t agree more because, in reality, beauty is subjective and what some find beautiful may be repulsive to others and vice versa.

The same is true of a house in the UK that was put up for sale and had a lot of interest; nevertheless, most of the purchasers passed on the property after saying simply “no, thank you,” after seeing inside.

The home included a master suite, a garage, four bedrooms, and a well-kept lawn. The property was listed as maintaining “high standard,” but it turned out that opinions on the precise meaning of these terms varied.

It may surprise you to learn that the walls, carpets, and furniture in this apparently picture-perfect home are all purple. That is, everything, exactly. Regardless of one’s level of adoration for this hue, everyone feels that this is just too much. What more is purple, then? You name it: the ceilings, the flooring, the curtains.

The master suite’s closet doors are also painted purple. Painting over walls is simple, but replacing fixtures like closet doors can be a nightmare.

The bathroom’s white tiles have purple floral designs on top of them. In addition, there is shaggy purple carpeting on the bathroom floor and the bathtub’s sides, despite the white bathtub itself.

Selling this house wouldn’t be easy unless the buyer also happens to be a major purple fan. From the outside, one would never believe that everything inside this house is purple.

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House looks beautiful – but people refuse to buy it because of what they see inside
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