Clint Eastwood had no idea he had a daughter who had been secretly put up for adoption – she found him 30 years later

Newspapers have covered almost every inch of Clint Eastwood’s life because he has been in the public eye for so long.

It’s sometimes difficult to comprehend that the well-known actor—a titan of the big screen—is 92 years old.

It’s enough to state that he’s seen and experienced it all in his personal and professional lives. It’s hardly shocking that Clint has had his fair share of drama, secrets, and scandalous tales given his nearly 70 years in the spotlight.

But maybe the most unexpected aspect of his long life is something that not many people know about. Yes, the actor did not know about it for a very long period.

But when he found out, the revelation would change his life forever.

It’s hardly surprising that a lot of women looked up to Clint Eastwood in his prime because of his tough appearance, intense gaze, and 6 feet 4 inches of height.

The actor is actually the father of eight children in total, however he spent a long time not knowing this. No, Clint believed he had seven children for most of his life until one day, a woman claiming to be his daughter caught him off guard.

Rumor has it that in the early 1950s, before he became the well-known person he is today and when he was engaged to Maggie Johnson, Eastwood had an affair with a woman in Seattle.

He had no idea that she had gotten pregnant with his child, which she had subsequently given up for adoption when their personal relationship ended.

Laurie Murray was adopted as a baby by a Seattle couple, but years later she decided to find out who her original parents were.

A family friend told the Daily Mail newspaper in 2018 that “this was all about thirty years ago.” Since she was sincerely interested in learning the identities of her biological parents, Laurie Murray had engaged an investigator. When they found the paperwork, her true mother had written down Clint Eastwood’s name.

“It appeared as though Clint Eastwood was not even aware of her pregnancy.”

Laurie Murray learned that her father was Clint Eastwood.

They went on, “I don’t think she had the best upbringing, certainly not privileged.” When she found out who her biological parents were, she made an attempt to contact her mother, but she refused.

Fortunately, Clint was more receptive to his biological daughter’s approach.

“I think Clint was very receptive to her and the situation,” the family acquaintance said. Laurie was obviously rather shocked by it.

Laurie became closer to Clint over the years, and eventually she began going on regular family trips.

The public first became aware of Clint’s unidentified eighth kid after Eastwood’s relationship with Laurie’s real mother was revealed by the actor’s biographer Patrick McGilligan in the book Clint: The Life and Legend.

In an interview with Inside Edition, McGilligan said, “I think when he realized she was that person from long before and discovered she was his daughter… he was okay with it.”

The Daily Mail source that was previously cited claims that Laurie and her family are financially secure. Therefore, it wasn’t the kind of situation—where someone appears out of nowhere and demands money—that someone like Clint Eastwood, I’m sure, is used to.

“Laurie is a very private and kind person; she keeps this information to herself.”

Clint is married to Maggie Johnson and together they have eight children: Scott and Kathryn with Jacelyn Reeves, his ex-girlfriend; Francesca, a daughter with Frances Fisher; Morgan, a son with Dina Ruiz, his current wife; and Kimber, a daughter with Roxanne Tunis, the woman he had an affair with while Johnson was married.

How highly do you regard Clint Eastwood? How ridiculous is it that he spent those years without realizing how many children he actually was the father of?

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Clint Eastwood had no idea he had a daughter who had been secretly put up for adoption – she found him 30 years later
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