Bikers see an abandoned cage and what they find inside changes their lives forever

Anytime I think about someone who would hurt animals or even leave them to die, I am depressed.Fortunately, the world is not without heroes.Furthermore, I would like to thank Brett Winingar and his son Zach.

Bret and Zach discovered an antique dog carrier while motorcycling around Little Rock, Arkansas’s back lanes.


Their interest piqued, so they chose to look more closely. Inside was a dog that was terribly malnourished.

The carrier was filled with dog feces and had a hole eaten by the dog that looked like it was trying to get out.


For a little while, the father and son went away from the dog.


..and returned in a car carrying water and dog food.


Bret and Zach decided to call her Charlie Bravo.


Even before they got home, the dog began to express her gratitude to her rescuers.


First, Bret and Zach clipped Charlie Bravo’s claws. The dog had grown so long in the cage that she had curled inward, which made it difficult for her to walk.

After that, it was time for a bath.



Then, they took Charlie to the vet.


The veterinarian put her age at eight months. Based on the injuries Charlie had, the doctor guessed that she had been in the carrier for a long time.

Charlie Bravo’s story quickly became viral on Facebook. And soon after, kindhearted individuals wanted to give Bret and Zach gifts to help them pay for Charlie’s veterinary fees.


Bret and his family established a new fund named “Charlie’s Angels” for rescued animals in addition to donating the remaining contributions to different animal charities.



Even though Bret hadn’t thought about keeping Charlie at first, he was unable to part with him. After taking in Charlie, Bret and his family went on to adopt three more rescued dogs.



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Bikers see an abandoned cage and what they find inside changes their lives forever
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