You can avoid using chemical fertilizers by using a miracle fertilizer

An egg and a banana are placed inside a tomato planting hole dug by a farmer. Although the process can appear unusual at first, the outcome is remarkable. A few days after planting, life begins to show its first signals. This method is frequently employed.

The video of the man digging a hole and putting an egg and a banana inside has gone viral online and around the world. There were around 1.2 million views on the video.

The images show a man using a unique technique to fertilize crops. He excavates a hole in the earth and inserts a raw egg and a banana with its peel inside. Cover with earth after placing the tomato seedlings on top of them.

The egg and banana will break down over time and release the so-called “magic nutrients,” which are necessary for the development of vegetable seeds. Instead of using artificial fertilizers, which are bad for the soil, crops, and human health, the person employed a very effective natural fertilizer that only required two ingredients.

As the ecology and ozone layer weaken, we all know that fruits and vegetables get harder to produce and lose flavor as well as look. They utilize a lot of fertilizers as a result.

The problem is that these fertilizers are usually not organic; they are synthetic. When chemical fertilizers are used excessively, the soil, fruits, and vegetables can become “poisoned,” putting consumers at risk.

These compounds have a negative impact on food flavor and eventually damage crops, even if they improve the look of fruits and vegetables and hasten plant growth. Fertilizer-weakened plants are more susceptible to pests and diseases, which makes growth and development more difficult and frequently unfeasible.

Since natural fertilizers are widely available, it is advised to apply them as often as practical. Natural fertilizers such as ash, dung, and vegetable waste can also be inexpensive, as demonstrated by the thorough example with the egg and banana above.

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You can avoid using chemical fertilizers by using a miracle fertilizer
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