Man Saves Pennies For 45 Years and Rakes In a Fortune

A dolly trailed after him as he entered the bank. When the sound of the coins was heard, everyone turned to stare at him at once.

Otha Anders, the coin master, was also the Jackson School Board’s supervisor. Children who were suspended were sent to him, and they came to love him.

Anders’s wife and kids were at his side the entire time, but he didn’t seem all that interested.

An enjoyable project that became into a passion—almost like an obsession—was born.

Anders believes that with every cent he discovers, God is teaching him to be grateful. On the days that he didn’t pray, he almost always discovered a penny. He believed it was the way God was asking him to give thanks.

Because Anders was a devout man, he said prayers on the spot while most people would merely make wishes.

“I came to believe that finding a dropped or lost penny was an extra God-given reminder reminding me to always be thankful,” Anders said in an interview with USA Today. “On the days when I have not prayed, a misplaced or dropped penny has almost always appeared to remind me to pray.”

For forty-five years, he stored them in five-gallon plastic water jugs. Though he would soon find out, he guessed he had hundreds of thousands of dollars hidden away.

When they transported the jugs to the bank, the staff members had a terrific time attempting something new. They chopped the pennies out of the water bottles with an ax and hammer. After five hours of chopping and counting on the coin counter, they had a number.

Over 45 years, Anders had accumulated $5,136.14 in pennies! That works out to about 114.4$ each year. Who would have thought that a pennies-collecting hobby would lead to a “old car” in 45 years?

But Anders paid off a recent dental bill with his money.

He was happy to use the funds for a valuable acquisition. He contributed to the church and paid for a family trip with the money that remained.

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