2 puppies fall into pit with a cobra – 48 hours later animal heroes are shocked

There are a lot of street dogs in India, which can occasionally lead to a lot of issues.

Such as the tale of these two cute puppies, who fell into a deep pit after being separated from their mother.

A hole so deep that their mother could not rescue them.

You see, they weren’t the only ones in the pit, so that wasn’t their only issue.

It so happened that they were down there with a big, lethal king-cobra.

similar to a film
Things occasionally occur that you would expect to only see in movies.

I believe that on this specific day, these Indian rescue workers went through just that.

These puppies’ lives would have ended with just one bite from the deadly king cobra, which can even take the life of an elephant.

Even worse, there was always a chance that these poor puppies might become stuck because the pit they fell into was extremely muddy.

Though fortunately, cobras don’t truly eat pups, people were nonetheless concerned for their safety.

Cobra that is friendly
On the other hand, the snake didn’t appear to want to harm the pups.

Actually, the cobra was keeping an eye on them to make sure the small dogs didn’t cross to the other, riskier side of the well.

The puppies and the snake remained in the same location in the well for 48 hours.

It proved to be simpler than they had anticipated for the authorities to rescue the puppies when they finally arrived. In order to make it easier for the rescue crew to get the puppies, the cobra graciously moved.

Sometimes animals really have a special ability to help and protect each other — no matter their species or size, something we humans should learn from.

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2 puppies fall into pit with a cobra – 48 hours later animal heroes are shocked
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