Discovering the Astonishing Secret in his Backyard

When John Sims traveled to Tucson, he had no idea that he would uncover a riddle that would fascinate not just the people of Arizona but also him. It all began with a rumor that something was buried in his lawn. John’s curiosity got the better of him, and he embarked on a journey that would lead to an incredible discovery.

The Enigmatical Backyard

John was overjoyed to buy a midtown Tucson friend’s house. Unbeknownst to him, his friend had given him a weird story about something buried on the property. Intrigued by the tale, John decided to research it further. He excavated his land in an effort to learn the truth. It shocked him to learn this.

House with an enigmatic backyard

A Look for Remedies

The more he knew, the more inquisitive John got. He was convinced that there was yet more to discover. Equipped with the knowledge that a peculiar establishment had been constructed on his land in 1961, he embarked on a mission to solve the enigma. To help him in his quest, he recruited metal detector consultants, and they found two locations on his land.

Metal detectors at work

Uncovering the Enigma

John became enthusiastic and started digging as soon as the locations were marked. His shovel did not have to strike a solid thing for very long. Three feet under the grass, he discovered a hidden treasure. However, this was no ordinary finding. It turned out to be a nuclear bomb shelter built during the height of the Cold War in an attempt to save families in the event of a nuclear conflict.


John uncovering the hatch

The Astonishing History

John realized that his discovery had wider historical ramifications. Tucson, also called “Rocket City,” was home to eighteen ballistic missiles that could have wreaked havoc on the environment. There were many bomb shelters in the region, and John’s discovery shed light on a very anxious period. As word of his astonishing discovery spread, local and even international journalists began to report it.

John's find gains attention

Modifying the Historical Record

His discovery led John to decide to turn his bomb shelter into a Cold War museum. He collected Cold War relics, such as Geiger counters and HAM radios, in an attempt to convey the volatile spirit of that era. He did, however, issue a cautionary note to others in case they came upon a bomb shelter. It can be dangerous to rush in without sufficient planning because of the poisonous air and potential cave-ins.

Cold War museum exhibit

Reconstructing a Historical Section

John needed help finishing his bomb shelter and getting it ready for the public to visit. To raise money for the renovation of the shelter, he set up a GoFundMe website. One of his main goals was to replace the decaying staircase in order to guarantee the safety of the guests. By completing the necessary repairs with the assistance of his community, John was able to breathe new life into this historical beauty.

Rebuilding the bomb shelter

John’s finding in the garden eventually prompted a trip for investigation and preservation. It served as a reminder of a turbulent time in the past as well. Because to his persistence, the secret buried beneath his feet is now a memorial to the persistent spirit of individuals who survived the Cold War.

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