His adorable cat is lovingly gazing at him.

His cute kitten is staring at him with affection.

Our furry family members are always there to soothe and adore us without fail.

To all the unmarried people out there: find a true love when someone sees you the way she sees him.

Prom was the pinnacle of our school years, but only for smitten couples. Choosing who to invite to the prom can be a nightmare for single people!

When it comes to inviting someone you feel comfortable and want to spend the night with, Sam Steingard’s only thought is of his cat!

He decided to take his cat to the prom, which was a very considerate choice!a

Instead of going on a normal date, Sam decided to bring Ruby, his cat, as he knew he wouldn’t be at the prom for very long. Stengaird’s mother Joanne was also very supportive of Ruby’s decision, having purchased a gorgeous frock for her and a sparkly collar to complete the look.

And Ruby was definitely the center of attention at the ball that day!


Ruby and Sam have been friends for almost a decade; they are truly the best of friends and cannot live apart. The Steingard family found Ruby when she was a small kitten, outside the Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

Sam’s sister eventually posted one of the photos online, where it quickly became well-known. Everyone adores the cute couple, and Ruby has fans everywhere she goes.

Ruby in the image seems to be grinning broadly as she turns to face Sam!

That among us had a prom date who gazed at them with the same intensity as his cat did in those photos? He sure took a beauty; she is stunning.

Consider the affection your date is transmitting to you through that gaze.

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His adorable cat is lovingly gazing at him.
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