My spouse had shot this photo on my phone while I was sleeping, and I discovered it when I woke up.

The other morning as I woke up, I saw this picture on my phone.

I feel like I’m in the thick of everything right now. The young trenches are these. However, my spouse had to wake up with the infant that evening. After getting dressed, nursing, and putting the baby to sleep, he snapped this picture of my daughter and me (who eventually sneaked into bed with us over the night).

I usually don’t share self-portraits that I didn’t “pose” for. I also usually become upset with the person who took it. However, things are different now. This picture was distinct.

since these last few weeks have been quite difficult. It’s easy to overlook how demanding a newborn can be. How worn out you get emotionally, mentally, and physically. You’re already worn out when you have to manage two more kids. Each and every time.

Throughout the day, I do laundry, wash dishes, wipe tears, hold babies, change diapers, and take frequent pauses for food.

Normally, I don’t wash my hair. My eyes are puffed and have bags beneath them from not getting enough sleep. My clothes are most likely stained by spit or food. I wear my hair pulled back in a mother bun all the time. My makeup has completely disappeared.

And everything is shown in this picture. Despite not being glamourous, being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

I want to think back on this phase of my life. It’s easy to forget that you’ll ultimately miss something when you’re in the middle of things, therefore I needed this picture to serve as a reminder.

I will enjoy rocking and cuddling my newborns to sleep more than I will mind the sleepless evenings. Their tiny fingers encircle mine, and I can feel their little chests breathing in and out.

More will bother me than weeping fits will be my ability to calm my kids down with nothing more than a hug and a peck on the forehead.

More than I’ll miss cleaning up milk spills, I’ll miss cleaning up their mess with just soap and water.

Sharing a bed with my children won’t cause my neck and back any pain, and I won’t miss it. However, I won’t miss waking up in the morning and seeing their faces next to mine. We’re going to miss our morning hugs.

I’d like to reflect on this time in my life.

I don’t want to forget this time of fatherhood, despite how challenging and overwhelming it can be.

So be sure to remind your spouse or other special someone. Remind them that they need to snap these photos of you.

“Be happy with these photos.”

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My spouse had shot this photo on my phone while I was sleeping, and I discovered it when I woke up.
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