SEVEN Teachers At An Elementary School In Kansas Became Pregnant At The Same Time

At the same time, seven teachers from an elementary school in Kansas fell pregnant.

Despite having no plans, they are both expecting infants within a few months or perhaps a few weeks of one another.

After finding replacements for the seven teachers who are on maternity leave, Ashley Miller, the administrator of Oak Street Elementary in Goddard, jokingly said that they need “a sponsorship from like Pampers or Huggies,” according to KSN.

The pregnancies were revealed earlier this week on the school’s Facebook page.

We are ecstatic to welcome these EIGHT tiger kittens into the #265 family, they make us so happy! The school’s webpage stated, “We counted properly,” before mentioning that one of the instructors is expecting twins.

Tara Johnson, a fourth grade teacher at the school, told KSN, “To me, it just gets humorous because it was a lot when there were three of us, then four, five, and then seven of us.”

There have been many jokes made around the school about the several concurrent pregnancies, such as the “don’t drink the water” joke.

Third grade teacher Tiffany Schmidt, who is also expecting, added, “By the way, I drank the water after I informed her I was pregnant.”

Their synchronistic timing, according to fourth-grade teacher Kelli Johnson, who is also expecting, confirms their perception that the entire school is one huge family.

“It’s really, very great and a fun experience to be living life with these people I love so much,” Johnson added.

The deadlines for the teachers range from March to October.

Though it could seem like an uncommon, one-in-a-million occurrence, it isn’t!

At the same time, seven North Carolina Fire Department personnel are expecting.

As soon as the news surfaced, photographer Brianna Mitschele set up a picture session for the seven expectant ladies, having them stand at the Salisbury Fire Department while wearing their husbands’ uniforms.

Each lady also carried a onesie with her baby’s name and the station number on it.

The rescue vehicle left with the lights flashing and the air horn wailing due to a medical call as Mitschele noted on her blog: “we snapped a number of great group photographs throughout the session.”

You won’t believe that there are currently nine pregnant nurses working at Maine Medical Center.

The hospital posted a sweet picture of the expectant nurses on Facebook.

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SEVEN Teachers At An Elementary School In Kansas Became Pregnant At The Same Time
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