Dog adopted by Tennessee trooper who rescued her from extreme heat on side of highway

Tennessee was scorched by the June heat, which glistened like a mirage off the paved surface. While on his routine patrol, Trooper Pumpy Tudors got a report regarding a small trooper that needed help. The trooper, a dog, had collapsed by the side of the road, gasping in agony.

That day, the heat was oppressive—nearly 100 degrees. There was grave risk to this small lonely soul. Trooper Tudors moved quickly. Offering the dog water, shade from his umbrella, and even some treats he had hidden in his car, he transformed into a shining knight.

Trooper Tudors sat next to the dog, gradually gaining the dog’s trust. Weak but appreciative, the pup sucked down the water and ultimately worked up the courage to stand. After that, they traveled together to the Cleveland animal shelter so the dog could receive the necessary medical care.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol’s Facebook page posted the story, and it touched a nerve. Trooper Tudors received a ton of acclaim for his kindness. They wrote, “Hero! You give us hope!” The message on the post was to pet owners: make sure your animals are safe during the heat!

But the tale was far from ended. A unique bond developed when no one showed up to claim the lost canine. After adopting the puppy, Trooper Tudors named her Princess. The Facebook post featuring a contented puppy curled up next to a beaming soldier warmed people’s hearts all around the world. Princess was at last at home.

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Dog adopted by Tennessee trooper who rescued her from extreme heat on side of highway
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