Kind Lady Saves a Baby Deer Sleeping Under a Tire By Leaving Note

It’s a good idea to frequently check under and around your car in this part of the country to make sure that animals hasn’t established a home there. A kind-hearted woman decided to step in when she noticed a newborn deer sleeping under someone else’s car tire.

This image on Facebook went viral after a woman published it to alert the driver of the car of a newborn deer that was sleeping under a tire.

The answers were sincere and sometimes funny. Joshua The most well-liked comment to date is this one from Kevin Nye:

It’s obvious that the woman was ancient, but how? Why didn’t she just send you a message if you saw her, rather than alerting you to the presence of a blasted deer beneath the tire? I need some clarification!

A different comedian hoped the driver knew how to read and write. I guess you can’t always infer that from the way certain drivers operate their vehicles.

Among the more compassionate people who appreciated this woman’s action was Cyntha Atkinson:


I appreciate you leaving the note, sweet woman.

I’m grateful, Cyntha. One must respect the courage of people who decide to change things instead of continuing with their life as normal.

Would you have gone on with your life, written a note, or tried to entice the deer to emerge from beneath the car?

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Kind Lady Saves a Baby Deer Sleeping Under a Tire By Leaving Note
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