Bo Derek: Why my unusual lifestyle prompted me to opt against having children

Bo Derek, 66, has disclosed her reasons for choosing not to become a parent. The actress, who gained notoriety for her performance in “Bolero,” stated that because of her strange and chaotic upbringing, she was unable to imagine becoming a mother.

Derek asserted that she thought kids need to have the chance to grow up with both devoted parents. She acknowledged, though, that her personal life lacked the consistency required for motherhood. “There were times when I wouldn’t even have a dog because my life was so crazy, let alone having a child,” he remarked.

It’s surprising that Derek had no intentions to become an actress. She had imagined a carefree future, perhaps working at a surf shop. When the chance to work in the entertainment industry presented itself, though, she found it unsettling. Derek turned down tempting opportunities to become an actor.

Actor John Derek was Derek’s first husband; their marriage lasted from 1976 till 1998. With actor John Corbett, she has been in a committed partnership since 2002. The couple has no desire to start a family. Derek did, however, bring up the prospect of adoption later on. She advises them to think about adopting a child since it is a feasible option.

Neither the couple’s marriage nor their desire to start a family has been hurried. Although establishing a young family and adding a new branch to the family tree is a significant commitment, Derek said in a Fox News interview that it hasn’t yet been a part of their life.

When asked about their connection, Derek said it was great and that their attraction to one another sprang from “comfort.” She also mentioned how happy and energetic John Corbett was, and how he could make her giggle. Derek thinks they still have a close bond and are gradually starting to feel at home.

Bo Derek made the conscious choice to forgo having children because she wanted a stable, unconventional existence. Despite her view that children benefit from having two dedicated parents, she acknowledges that her personal circumstances make it difficult to be a consistent parent. Now that their commitment to one other has been established, Derek and John Corbett may continue to enjoy their future adoption.

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Bo Derek: Why my unusual lifestyle prompted me to opt against having children
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