You can avoid using chemical fertilizers by using a miracle fertilizer

A farmer excavates a tomato planting hole and places an egg and a banana inside. The procedure may seem strange at first, but the result is astounding. The first signs of life appear a few days after planting. This approach is widely used.

The video of the man excavating a hole and placing a banana and an egg inside has gone popular on the internet and spread throughout the globe. The video received nearly 1.2 million views.

In the pictures, you can see a man fertilizing vegetables with a special method. He digs a hole in the ground and puts an uncooked egg and a banana in its shell inside of it. Plant the tomato seedlings on top of them, then cover with dirt.

With time, the egg and banana will decompose and release the purported “magic nutrients,” which are essential for the growth of vegetable seeds. The person used a very effective natural fertilizer that only needed two items instead of chemical fertilizers, which are detrimental for the land, vegetables, and our health.

We all know that fruits and vegetables become more difficult to grow and lose flavor as well as appearance when the ecology and ozone layer deteriorate. Because of this, they use a lot of fertilizers.

The trouble is that these fertilizers are frequently synthetic rather than organic. Overuse of chemical fertilizers can cause the soil, fruits, and vegetables to become “poisoned,” endangering consumers.

Despite the fact that using these chemicals enhances the appearance of fruits and vegetables and speeds up plant growth, they have a deleterious effect on food flavor and will eventually harm crops. Plants that are weakened by fertilizers are less resistant to pests and diseases, which makes growth and development more challenging and often impossible.

Given the abundance of natural fertilizers accessible, it is recommended to use them as frequently as feasible. As the detailed example with the egg and banana above illustrates, natural fertilizers like ash, manure, and vegetable waste can also be cheap.

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You can avoid using chemical fertilizers by using a miracle fertilizer
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