Doesn’t look like his dad at all. What Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s 10-year-old son looks like

Samuel and Ben Affleck made a rare public appearance together during the Salt Lake City NBA All-Star Game lineup announcement. The young youngster initially gave off the impression that he was uncomfortable in the spotlight, seeming bashful and keeping his hands in his pockets. Ben laid a soothing touch on Samuel’s shoulder to calm his fears. The young child soon gained self-assurance and shown creative talent, joyfully flailing his arms and exclaiming the players with feeling.

Although Ben doesn’t frequently appear in public with his kids from his first marriage to Jennifer Garner, he still plays an important role in their lives. He spends a lot of time with them and frequently travels with his new wife, Jennifer Lopez, to visit them. Ben and Jennifer Garner have been able to put their children’s needs first despite divorcing in 2018. As they continue to support and raise their kids jointly, their dedication to co-parenting is clear.

Attending sporting events, particularly baseball games, which both father and son enjoy, is one of Ben’s favorite things to do with Samuel. Up until he was eight years old, he used to hold Samuel on his shoulders so the youngster could see the game more clearly. Ben eagerly participates in Samuel’s baseball training and imparts helpful pitching techniques as a result of Samuel’s growing passion for the game. Jennifer Garner does point out that Ben occasionally becomes overly exuberant and shouts orders too loudly, but it’s obvious that his intentions are founded in being a helpful and involved father.

When Ben accompanied Samuel and Jennifer Lopez to a car dealership last year, it was clear that he was a loving father. To make Samuel feel more grown-up, he let him take the wheel of a Lamborghini, but the kid became scared after an unintentional collision with a nearby BMW. Ben quickly consoled his kid, taking control of the circumstance with the manager of the dealership and seeing to it that everything was settled amicably.

Ben has recently been spotted out for a stroll with Jennifer Garner and their kids, prioritizing his time with them. He emphasizes the value of having a close relationship with his children even after their divorce by sitting down to speak with Samuel at eye level. Being an involved and present father is of the utmost importance to Ben Affleck, and he is still committed to creating a warm and encouraging atmosphere for his children.

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Doesn’t look like his dad at all. What Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s 10-year-old son looks like
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