Old man orders a single hamburger

Old folks have a way of inspiring us to reflect on our own lives and the goals we still have to accomplish before we become truly old. It’s not unexpected that there are many jokes about the elderly because, for one, they are wise and knowledgeable and, for another, they are frequently humorous.

This is going to brighten your day.

A senior couple walked into a restaurant and placed one order for a cheeseburger, some french fries, and one drink.

The man divided the hamburger in half and set one half in front of his wife when the food was served. After placing the drink between the fries and the drink, he repeated the process. One by one, they both drank.

The man’s wife was just standing by, observing him while he consumed his hamburger.

They were being watched by a man who decided to approach them and offer to buy them another dinner, but the elderly man declined, saying, “No, thank you, we are used to sharing everything.”

His wife was waiting patiently and occasionally sipping while he continued to eat.

Once more approaching them in the restaurant, the man proposed to at least buy them another drink.

Again declining, the elderly guy claimed that he and his wife split everything equally.

The man who was watching them finally approached them for the third time when the husband finished eating and wiped his mouth because he couldn’t help but wonder why the woman was waiting for her spouse to eat.

What are you waiting for, he questioned as he drew nearer.

The wife answered, “The TEETH.”

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Old man orders a single hamburger
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