Dolly Parton says she will no longer be touring so she could spend time at home with her husband

Dolly Parton is not just a stunning blonde who has captivated millions of people with her magnificent beauty over the years; she is also a strong lady with a wonderful attitude, a big heart, and a great sense of humor. She has always been open about everything in her life. And that is one of the factors contributing to the length of her career.

This legendary figure in country music, who is also a songwriter, businesswoman, and humanitarian, has said that she will stop touring even though she still releases new music.Many of her followers were upset by this since they were looking forward to another great performance.

During an interview with Pollystar, the singer talked about her decision to halt touring. I occasionally perform unique shows here and there. Maybe perform a few gigs at a festival or over a long weekend. However, I no longer have any plans to embark on a full-fledged tour.Instead, she would concentrate on writing songs and spending time with her husband. Carl Thomas Dean and Dolly have been married for more than 50 years, but since he likes to keep a low profile, we don’t know much about him. In her autobiography, the singer wrote about him and characterized him as romantic. She also remembered how he once gave her such a hard hug that it caused her wig to fall out when she visited him at the Georgia army camp back in the day. He gave me a tight hug, kiss, and squeeze that was so powerful it knocked my wig off.
In Nashville, Tennessee, in 1964, they first ran into one another outside the Wishy Washy Laundromat. Dolly was 18 years old and Carl was 21 years old at the time.When Dean first saw Dolly, his immediate instinct was, “I’m gonna marry that girl,” according to a statement he made, as reported by Entertainment Tonight.‘Lord she’s good lookin’ was my second thought. And that marked the start of my existence. In this world, I wouldn’t exchange the past 50 years for anything.
Dolly was only beginning her career when they were married, and her record label advised her to postpone getting married. However, she resisted. She and Dean got married in a private ceremony in Ringgold, Georgia, to avoid having their relationship covered by the local media there.

It was the beginning of a love story that would last forever.

Dolly now discussed her feelings toward travelling as well as her wish to spend the most of her time by her husband’s side in the comfort of their home.“I’ve been doing that throughout my life, and it takes a lot of time and effort. With my husband, I prefer to stay a little closer to home. I don’t want to go away for four or five weeks at a time because we are getting older. Something might occur. If I were gone and someone needed me, I wouldn’t feel great about that. Or I would feel horrible if I had to end a tour early because someone at home needed me and I couldn’t leave the fans behind.
Dolly is now working on her record, and plans are said to be underway for her to write a Christmas special for NBC this year.It is a show inside of a show. The dramatic aspect is the main focus of what we’re doing. It depicts everything that occurs when putting out a show. All the disagreements with the producers, all the issues with the performers, all the issues with scenery falling down, all the things that happen backstage, and everyone having to quickly cancel and postpone… I wouldn’t classify what I’m doing as acting since I’m being fully authentic. I don’t play a character; I’m just Dolly all the time.She and Reese Witherspoon are also collaborating on the next movie Run, Rose, Run.

Dolly Parton deserves our gratitude for all the songs she has written and performed throughout the years.

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Dolly Parton says she will no longer be touring so she could spend time at home with her husband
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