Audrey Hepburn’s granddaughter Emma Ferrer looks exactly like her late grandmother

When a person comes from a renowned family, there is an expectation that they would follow in the footsteps of their famous parents or grandparents. However, as is typically the case, some people still prefer to forge their own route and pursue a different career.

Despite being the granddaughter of one of the most well-known actors to have ever lived, the lovely Audrey Hepburn, Emma Ferrer decided not to pursue a career in acting. Emma, on the other hand, is making a name for herself in the world of the arts and is incredibly happy to be Audrey’s granddaughter.

Although Emma doesn’t remember her grandmother, who passed away when she was just a year old, she has heard so many stories about her that she feels as though she has known her entire life.

“Slowly, I began visiting friends’ homes and noticing that she was featured in a poster in their kitchen, on a T-shirt, or on handbags. ‘I guess this actually is a larger deal than I thought it was,’” Emma recalled in a Today interview.

With regard to having a celebrity of her stature affiliated with a cause like she was, Ferrer stated of her grandmother, “She really revolutionized what we take for granted today.” But looking back, I’m not sure we can truly appreciate how groundbreaking that actually was.

Sean Hepburn Ferrer, Audrey’s oldest son from her previous marriage, is the father of Emma. Emma recalls her father praising the well-known actress, which made her feel connected to her late grandma.

According to Emma, “there’s been an intimacy in what my dad tells me about her and the stories that people who knew her tell me about,”

“While working on site, she would prepare lunch for the entire team during her lunch break. She collaborated with this… well-known news TV presenter on this famous — I believe it was a series on gardens of the world. This journalist from the news had a stain on her blouse, so my grandmother took it and went to the dry cleaner in her hotel room to wash it.

Ferrer added, “These little things, she always brought flowers, and if you were staying at her house, she would bring breakfast in bed. From what Emma knows and has heard, “(She) just did these little things that made her seem like she was just the best, the nicest person,”

Emma also mentioned her grandmother’s choice to prioritize her family over anything else, even her job.

When my dad and his brother were born, mother drastically scaled back her enormous career. She essentially risked her entire career for them by declining roles in films that even her agent and husband questioned. You must accept this position,” Emma said.

“I still have her tiny linen teddy bear, which is so old and has a coffee stain on it; it’s in my dad’s house, on my bed. And I have sweaters that I have worn so frequently over the years that I sometimes forget they are hers, said Emma.

She also has some replica jewelry from movies that her grandma wore. They’re made of completely worthless metals, but it’s good to feel like she’s instructing me once more, Emma continued.

Emma says that working for UNICEF herself gives her “a way for me to really kind of feel a connection to [Audrey Hepburn] that… I’ve struggled to feel otherwise.” Audrey was very involved with UNICEF and with the idea of assisting the needy.

Emma not only resembles her renowned grandma but is also a successful young woman in her own way. Most importantly, many people assert that she inherited her charm and beauty.

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Audrey Hepburn’s granddaughter Emma Ferrer looks exactly like her late grandmother
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