Gorgeous Woman: How Ugly Amy from “The Big Bang Theory” Changed (photo)

No more striped cardigans and glasses.

When Amy Farrah Fowler first appeared on The Big Bang Theory in season three, she instantly won the hearts of viewers and, shockingly, Sheldon Cooper, who later wed the young scientist.

The actress Mayhem Bialik’s persona was characterized by a distinct “style”. The girl wore thick-framed spectacles, crocheted cardigans, and “granny” skirts that had to fall below the knee. The heroine image of the drab was quickly cemented by her un-Kazish appearance, but this is exactly what the creators intended.

However, there was a lovely actress hiding beneath the mothballed patina, and the years have only done her good. Although Mayhem is approaching her 47th birthday, she still looks lovely. The actress prefers a deep cleavage and enjoys wearing fashionable clothing. She looks flawless and wears bright makeup in public; she has nothing in common with the hunchback Amy from the movie.

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